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DE is a full-service drug toxicology testing laboratory offering both qualitative and quantitative tests, with a test panel with over 70 drugs. DE prioritizes fast turnaround time, easy-to-read results, and, above all else, exceptional patient care.

Our Testing


Qualitative Drug Screening

At DE Laboratory, we acknowledge the significance of time in drug screening. Our experienced team is committed to providing rapid results without compromising on accuracy. With our expertise, we ensure precise identification of a wide range of substances, leaving no detail overlooked. Rest assured, your testing needs are in capable hands with DE Laboratory.


LC-MS Testing

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) drug testing at our facility ensures swift results without compromising accuracy. Our advanced technology enables precise detection of a broad range of substances. We prioritize quality control, client service, and regulatory compliance, setting a superior standard in drug testing services.

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2450 Fondren Rd #265

Houston, TX 77063


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